How To Deal With Debt Collector Harassment In Dalton, GA
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How To Deal With Debt Collector Harassment In Dalton, GA

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2017 | Uncategorized |

  • Are you chased by a debt collector?
  • Do you get dozens of call from the collector daily?
  • Has the collector contacted your employer or your relatives?
  • Is the debt collector behaving aggressive towards you?
  • Do you feel humiliated?

These questions are here to help you understand whether you are the victim of unfair debt collection activities. If your answers are mainly yes, this post will be useful for you.

For many individuals being hounded by the debt collector agency is a huge stress, which is typically caused by financial or medical issues or divorce. Such type of harassment often makes the borrower feel completely defeated and also without sufficient power to pursue a course of action to stop these collection practices or bring the perpetrators to justice.

As a consumer as well as victim, you do have rights. You also have treatments. If you are dealing with a collection agency’s efforts to intimidate you unjustly, here are some steps you can take. If you play your cards right, you may also have the ability to get some money for that.

1. Know Your Rights

Fortunately, everything in our life is regulated by law, so are the debt collector’s actions. Learn more about the government Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and which acts are banned. This will help you to understand when a collector crosses the line and you have to obtain a professional legal help. A good solution is to file bankruptcy, and once you do it, the creditors must leave you alone and settle within the court system. Jack Setters & Associates represent borrowers in unfair debt collection actions and can help you consolidate or get rid of your debt all together.




2. Request for Confirmation

Once  the debt collection agency has reached you, it has five days from the preliminary call to give you with the following information concerning the debt. It must include:

  • The sum of the debt.
  • The name of the lender to whom the debt is currently owed. If you send the collector a written request within 30 days for the name and contact information for the original creditor, the collector should provide it.
  • That you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt. If you do it within the mentioned period, the collection agency must send you info that will enable you to recognize and also verify the financial debt.

If you challenge the debt or demand confirmation or recognition of the financial obligation, the they must stop  all collection activity until verification of the debt is sent to you. This applies to legal representatives attempting to collect financial debts for customers, except that a lawyer could begin or proceed a lawsuit.

3. Keep Records

Essentially, debt collectors use postal mail as well as the telephone to contact customers, although a growing number of them is currently using e-mail and even text messages.

Actual mail files will speak for themselves. Keep all correspondence, account documents and statements.

When you chat with the collector, get his name, telephone number, and also the firm for whom he works. Make notes during the communication.

Virtually every collection phone call you get will certainly be taped by the collection agency, yet some people go so far as to tape-record their conversations with their collectors. Under Georgia legislation, unfortunately, it is considered a felony invasion of privacy. However, the law expressly provides that it does not prohibit a person who is a party to a conversation from recording, and allows recording if one party to the conversation has given prior consent.

4. Always Act Rationally and Patiently

When you’re dealing with debt collectors, act patiently and keep a cool head. It may seem hard, but being scared of nervous is exactly what they want from you. On the other side, the angrier a collector gets, the worse he looks, especially if you’re not giving him tit for tat. Take in what they tell you. Make no promises that you cannot keep. Tell the truth. Do not try to intimidate them. You will not win this way.

To always act rationally and patiently in such situation sounds almost impossible, but money is extremely encouraging. Debt collectors often work on commission. The more they can get out of your pockets, the more money they can put in their own pockets. As you peruse the list of prohibited acts, you might be tempted to think of unscrupulous debt collectors as bullies. They often are. Intimidation can be a very effective debt collection practice, especially when the borrower does not understand his or her rights.

When you are being harassed by creditors through the mail and on the phone, this causes a lot of stress. Don’t let these collectors to ruin your life. The sooner you call Attorney Setters, the earlier you will solve your debt issues.